Add-ons for Your Local Delivery

Give your recipient something to remember when you request Giggles the dog to bring a bouquet of balloons along with your individualized selection of sweet treats. This is a great add one for celebrating special events or accomplishments.

Suppose you have a special person you want to surprise; you can request Giggles to bring a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Nothing says it quite like flowers and candy. Whether you are celebrating an anniversary, a birthday, or want to give Great Grandma a big smile, this special add-on will make anybody’s day extra special.

The Confetti Explosion Delivery

Kids love this one, and it is equally effective for anyone celebrating a milestone. The confetti explosion is a surprise visit for the recipient. We let you know by text when we are close to the destination. You have your child or recipient answer the door and Giggles the dog will hand them their candy box and shower them with confetti!

boy and puppy